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Taco Tico: It’s All About The Taste!

Since the early 70’s when Taco Tico was first introduced to the Lexington area, our goal has always been to bring our Tico guests the finest and freshest products to create the best tasting food.

While some things have changed over the last several years, some things have ALWAYS remained the same, like staying true to the original with our unique Taco Tico Taste, and each of our restaurants being driven by guest satisfaction to be the best taco places around.

“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TASTE,” has remained our motto and that will never change.









Carryout Catering

Taco Tico offers carryout catering options. Complete the below form and a member of our team will return communications with offerings and availability. 48 hours advance notice is required for catering.

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